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Matt asked 10 months ago

Hello Ofir, I really hope you can help me with this. I am located in Sarasota FL, too, and want to buy BitCoin here locally with cash. I only want to spend $50 for now to just “get my feet wet” as they say, with Bitcoin. I am a member at LocalBitcoin, but not finding someone on there to meet up with here locally to purchase Bitcoin face to face. Any ideas?

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Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hey Matt,
Hope you don’t mind my answering for Ofir. I wrote a guide explaining how to buy Bitcoin with cash, I think it’ll help you out:

4 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Cash Worldwide (Updated for 2018)

If there aren’t any LocalBitcoiners or Mycelium guys around, then I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find an ATM not too far away. Lots of Florida Bitcoiners so there should be one!

Steven Hay replied 10 months ago

Oh yeah, you could also try going to a Bitcoin meetup – can be a good way to find one of those.

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