Buying antminer

Suds asked 1 year ago

Hi Ofir,
I am your subscriber and i need help in buying antminer l3+. Actually i am from India and a i wamt to know us where can i buy antminer l3+ in bulk on competitive price and the most important thing is deleivery time. I want them to deliever me maximum within a week. Can you suggest some good and genuine sources.
Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hello Suds,
OK, so it seems according to Bitmain’s site that they’re not shipping the L3+ right now but that it’s “coming soon.” This must mean there’s a new batch in production but I’m not sure when it will be ready. I’ve seen rumours of a late November launch. If you’re able to wait a couple of months, I’d say the best place to buy it from would be Bitmain themselves.
If you need the L3+ before then, you’ll have to take your chances with the secondary market, using redistributors and markets like Amazon. You can expect to pay a higher price here. As far as I know, there are no Indian companies selling the L3+ at this time. I would therefore recommend that you go with Amazon due to their reliable money-back guarantees, but only if you can find a decently-priced L3+ which ships to India on Amazon.

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