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Rocky asked 12 months ago

At least 2 weeks ago I attempted to transfer bitcoin, about 350$ worth from my wallet to my new ledger.
It being really from my left hand to my right, I saw no reason to be raped into paying $50 to$100 for
the transaction. I set a low fee, of about $20. It is still unconfirmed. Will I ever see it again, or will
this transaction be left in limbo forever for my refusal to be raped.


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey Rocky,
Yes, fees have been very high lately. The good news is that they’re coming down with decreased network usage (and the price). Hopefully you were transferring to a SegWit-enabled wallet on your Ledger, as these type of wallets pay much lower fees.
I have written a guide to this subject of fees and stuck transactions, which I think will help you out a lot. Here it is:

Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction? Here’s how to Shorten Bitcoin’s Transaction Time

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