Btcx2 fork coin

Zsofia Elek asked 1 year ago

I am a holder of 3500 BTCX2 Forked coin, I’ve done some research on this fork it all looks well, do you agree? Do you think I will make some good BTC with this purchase of coins before the fork?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Kevin,
Well, to put things in perspective, there are about 45 Bitcoin forks so far. BTCx2 is therefore entering a crowded and highly-competitive marketplace of forkcoins, to say nothing of the other 1600 or so altcoins, all of which portray themselves as better than Bitcoin…
The difference here is that it’s an ICO for a fork. Honestly, this does not sound like a great idea to me. It would make more sense to do a simple ICO or a simple fork, combining the two in this manner… Well, I don’t understand the motivation behind it.
I am not optimistic on the prospects for this coin. There’s no white paper offering any kind of technical information on its promised improvements. The big block features seem redundant – if you want a fork with big blocks, try Bcash as it has 32 meg blocks now. Also this coin promises confirmations in 60 seconds, meaning a very short block time… Huge blocks and short blocktimes sounds like a particularly unwise combination.
Honestly, it seems that, like most forkers or altcoiners, they’ve copied Bitcoin’s code, tweaked a few variables, and are now hoping to make millions. Hopefully you make some profit off those coins you bought but I wouldn’t recommend buying any more. Even if the price of this coin goes up (always possible with Pump and Dumps), it doesn’t seem like a project worth supporting.

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