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Will asked 2 years ago

So I got the bread wallet on my iPhone because I read that you could buy bitcoin with a credit card directly from the app. I’ve come to find out that my bank is not on the list of supported banks. I’ve read that if you buy bitcoin from Coinbase they can track what you are purchasing.  My question is if you purchase bitcoin from Coinbase and then send to my bread wallet would Coinbase still be able to track things if I use bread to make the purchase?  I thought the whole point of bitcoin was privacy?

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Will,
Coinbase indeed tracks how users spend their Bitcoins. It is possible to see the transactions through the public ledger that is visible to anyone, although the persons behind the addresses are not public.
Unfortunately I don’t know how many transactions does Coinbase monitor from the point you have sent the Bitcoins from their platform, so I cannot say that if you send the coins to the Bread wallet they will not track it going forward. If you want to use your Bitcoins anonymously, I suggest you to read this article

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