bought LTC but sent it to a address – how to get it into the Litecoin Core – Wallet?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsbought LTC but sent it to a address – how to get it into the Litecoin Core – Wallet?

Tom Manke asked 1 year ago

I’m so new…
It seems I should have first installed the Litecoin Core – Wallet, THEN generated a LTC address inside the Litecoin Core – Wallet BEFORE trading an ETH coin for 5.7 LTC. Instead, I sent this 5.7 LTC to a address. I think it is lost in space, though I have the LTC address, and it seems to exist on
Do you think it is possible to transfer this seemingly lost LTC to my Litecoin Core – Wallet?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Tom,
OK, I think I understand what happened here. The all important question is, did you keep the secret private key of the address? If so, you can easily access that address and claim the LTC… If not, I’m afraid there’s nothing further which can be done.
In the event that you retain the private key, follow this guide to sweeping a private key into Litecoin Core:
“… you can sweep private keys on electrum…but in Core you can open console under debug window in help and type importprivkey (followed by private key) then import address (followed by address) and then restart from command prompt using -reindex -rescan flags (only after you have imported your keys).”

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