MalcolmAttwell asked 1 year ago

Good Day
I was checking out Facits..FREE BITCO .from your list …..and found BOSS BTC…is this site for real or a scam ?????
I dont want to gamble just looking at it from a point of investing to receive a good interest on investment
or is there a site you can recommend.
Your feed back would be appreciated.

Tzvika replied 1 year ago

THESE SITES ARE TOTALY FAKE! It took me months to mine 0.1BTC just to loose it in a minute of stupidity..
If i helped you with this advise, consider helping me out..

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hi Malcom, I can’t really say if this faucet is legit or not. I suggest looking around and see if anyone has any reviews about this faucet.
Also, if a sites asks you to invest Bitcoins I suggest to stay away from it. Here’s my advice about Bitcoin investments.

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