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Imtiyaz asked 2 years ago

Its is scam or legit

Joseph replied 1 year ago still paying me

Luciney replied 1 year ago

O mesmo está acontecendo comigo, peço pagamento mas fica pendente já faz alguns dias. Enviei dois e-mails pedindo um posicionamento, também não foi respondido. Lamento profundamente pela falta de caráter das pessoas e o abuso indiscriminado da boa fé das pessoas

Luciney replied 1 year ago


george bonsu replied 1 year ago

is true the same issue has happen to me and now it has putting me into a big trouble here in ghana

Joan cabusas replied 1 year ago is a scam because they are not paying last month since I always widraw my profit they pay me until 1st week of Feb. when I want to widraw again at the 3week of Feb. all my widraw is pending until now they scam all the INVESTMENT because over millions of money are invested ,,, since I search if it’s true they are scam I saw many comments about the bitmagnet they are not paying that’s why I know my investment of bitmagnet are scam too ,,,, I always message of them but nothing answer

2 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

I haven’t heard of that site. I suggest using the Bitcoin scam test to find out for yourself.

Prahalad answered 1 year ago

No bitmagnet not giving,
They are bastards not answering me and not giving my parents.
I lost my hard earned money 
So sad
Dont invest in this mother fucker side

Manzee replied 1 year ago

They are big time scam I lost 1.2 btc ..

Before deposit they were replying promptly but since I deposits they stop replying me also they are not releasing my initial deposit.

Bastared, mother fucker

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