Andrea Couzens asked 2 months ago

I had been doing very well with Bitconnect, and then in January I saw that it had been shut down and was labeled a Ponzi scheme.  I’ve moved most of the bitcoin I had with them to my Coinbase wallet, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get my initial investment of $20,190 back.  I’ve Bitconnect about this, but no one has answered.  In addition, after the bitcoin fork last August, I was given about 28.92 units of Bitcoin Cash, but now my Bitcoin Cash wallet no longer shows up on their dashboard.  I’m wondering if I still have some Bitcoin Cash with them, but again, no one has answered my inquiry.  Would you happen to know anything?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 months ago

Hi Andrea,
Well, Bitconnect wasn’t just labelled a Ponzi scheme, it was a Ponzi scheme. That’s why it collapsed. So, I wouldn’t expect to get any money out of what was a deliberate fraud. There’s a class action court case regarding Bitconnect in progress, so perhaps you might be able to join that and reclaim some share of your funds.

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