Bitcoins unconfirmed / Manually Adjusting Fee\’s (Blockchain)

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Troy Torrence asked 2 years ago

I was reluctant to ask a question before exhausting all of my resources but i am unsure which way to go at this point. I have two small transactions that are stuck in the pending status on my blockchain wallet. One of which has been pending for nearly 40 hours at this point. From all of the research i have done, there was a fee large enough with the transaction to be mined.My questions are, what can i do at this point to push through the transaction? I have been trying to use viabtc but keep getting the same message to try again later. Also, how do i manually adjust the fee\’s in blockchain so this does not happen again. Luckily it was a small $ amount.Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Sources below)d78a7628bf753fadfc982f5e396f98d5be02805f264352645dae2c0b22997ec8 – Transaction I.D.1KUZnSZDCb9T5qvG5Y8zRQQuQ1ApAYrT4G

praise lewechi replied 2 years ago

plz i have a transaction that is showing uncomfirm for 7 days now, plz kindly advise me on what to do, my hash id is 61be4714cee72b7b06ee61f1019d9426f5feb3d28b8fa5c3ad4f76018914b1b5
thank you as i wait for your response.

2 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

first of all I’m glad to see it was confirmed. In order to avoid this next time here are two little known tips:

  1. Use electrum as your wallet. It’s not easy to use but it has a RBF (replace by fee) feature which is pretty handy in these situations.
  2. ViaBTC accepts only 100 submissions each hour on a first come first serve basis. So just make sure to submit yours in the beginning of the hour and you’ll be good.

Good luck!

Chí Khanh answered 2 years ago

Đến giờ tôi cũg đã chờ đợi xác nhận trên 60 tiếng. Ai đó có thể giúp tôi???

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