Bitcoin wallet issue

Nick asked 11 months ago

i have made kind a little money on mining bitcoin about 9 dollars that’s what it shows in the miner (nicehash) so when I go in my wallet which is (Jaxx) it shows me I have made 0 usd by the way in bitcoin denomination I have made 0.00107085 bitcoin this is what is shown in the miner and in wallet again it shows 0 Btc how to fix this or is there a certain amount I need to get to display in my wallet

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Nick,
You need to withdraw the coins from Nicehash to your wallet for the ballet to be reflected. The nicehash coins are on a separate address controlled by a different private key from your wallet’s address which is controlled by your personal private key. You may be able to request a manual withdrawal from Nicehash or set a payout threshold. Make sure your Jaxx wallet’s address is linked correctly.

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