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Agnes asked 2 years ago

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy a Bitcoin Wallet in Budapest, Hungary. We don’t have any of the American stores here. We have Tesco, MediaMarkt and Euronics. People I’ve asked there don’t seem to have any idea what I’m talking about.
Thank you so much.

1 Answers
Steven Hay (staff) answered 2 years ago

Hi Agnes,
OK, so there’s no reason to buy any kind of software Bitcoin wallet. All the best ones are available for free download from the internet. The only types of Bitcoin wallets which cost money are known as hardware wallets – these are electronic devices like USB drives or dongles which greatly add to the security of your Bitcoin storage. 
Unless you have a lot of Bitcoin you need to store, I think you will be fine downloading a regular free Bitcoin wallet and using that. Personally, I think that the Electrum wallet, available from, is a good choice for beginners. It has good documentation and while it does have advanced features, they’re mostly kept out the way until you’re ready to use them. For more help in choosing the right Bitcoin wallet, please see this section:

What is the Best Bitcoin Wallet for 2018? (23 wallets compared & Reviewed)

Once you have a wallet, your next step will be buying the Bitcoin on an exchange and then withdrawing them to your wallet. An exchange which I’d recommend for Hungary is – although there are many more exchanges which you can investigate in our Buying Guides section.

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