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Jan asked 1 year ago

What is your opinion about the future security of the blockchain and the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and Super computers?
Would that type of computers be able to make changes to the log of the blockchain without regular computers participating noticing it and, for example create fake Bitcoins?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hello Jan, that’s a good question that a lot of people are asking right now.
I’m not an expert on cryptography but the main argument is that as computers become more advanced and powerful so will the cryptographic algorithms that secure the Blockchain. Therefor the balance of power will remain. However it’s really hard to tell, you can say the same thing about any security system that’s around today.
At the moment there is no foreseeable risk for the next few years as far as I understand, and after that I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the technology develops.

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