Bill Wallace asked 8 months ago

Please, how do I get Bitcoin QT console?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 8 months ago

Hi Bill,
Well, if you’re using a new version it’s now called Bitcoin Core instead of Bitcoin QT. I’d recommend using the latest version as it features some significant speed improvements when syncing, plus SegWit which will save a lot of money on transaction fees over time.
Anyway, whichever version you’re running, it’s really easy to access the console. Just click the Help menu at the top of the app then select the Debug window from the drop down. Finally, select the “Console” tab in the debug window.
Be careful what you run in the Console! If someone has told you to run some specific commands, be sure that you know what they do first as otherwise you could lose coins.

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

Please where exactly do I get this console, like at which website?

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

Please where exactly can I get this console? Like at which website?

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