Bitcoin not showing up in wallet balance

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Kevin Zhao asked 2 years ago

Hey man is it true that Bitcoin balance only shows when your whole wallet is synced to the network. I had a withdrawal from minergate and its not showing up when minergate said its sent already

2 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Kevin there can be a few things causing this:

  1. You downloaded a desktop wallet (e.g. Bitcoin-QT) and indeed until the blockchain isn’t fully downloaded to your computer you won’t see your balance. If this is the case I suggest moving to a “lite wallet” that doesn’t require to download the whole blockchain like Mycelium or However you will still need to wait for the wallet to sync until you can send the coins from there to the new wallet.
  2. The transaction you received is still pending or didn’t go through at all. You can ask your sender to give you a link to the transaction and then you can see if it went through and how many confirmations it has. Here’s a detailed explanation about confirmations.
Jesse replied 1 year ago

pls help me, Mr Ofir Beigel, I bought some bitcoin from luno and send it my wallet on local bitcoin since 12th Dec. but till now it is not showing in my wallet, what the solution sir, kindly reply

mo answered 1 year ago


  • Hello ofir i hope you are OK. you must be wondering what do i want. i just need a bit of info on paper wallets. I have recently made a website and made PayPal links for people to copy n paste in their browser to pay me.… Anyway nuts n bolts.i made a offline paper wallet through I created it  offline using a paraphrase when i generated the wallet. the problem i had was i have no camera phone or printer. So i could not scan the black squares. i used my public key ( i created in to receive my bitcoin balance from I received it..its even possible to trace the transaction through block chain explorer. i read somewhere all private keys start with a number 5..well my private key stars with a six..because it was generated with a paraphrase they call it..i call it password. Now  ofir i have all private key digits. I must tell you ..when i was offline i deleted some digits from my private key.  When i Came back online. i .refreshed and deleted my cache and browsing history. So have i lost all my bitcoins?..£50GBP worth of bitcoin..i always thought if i had the private key i could spend or send funds to wherever. I should of scanned the encrypted black squares  so i could swipe the funds easily now im left with a lot of digits starting with the number 6 please can you help thank you  M.Ayyub.


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