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EMOJEVBE asked 1 year ago

With regards to your post here –, i would like to ask a question. How much BTC does each BTC Mining Software produce & in what time frame ? Or, rather, how much BTC does each one produce in 24 hours ?
I’ll be very grateful for your swift & detailed response.



1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

I think I answered you in the comments thread. Without ASIC mining hardware, which costs more than $1000, no mining software will earn a significant amount of Bitcoin. Running the software on a home computer, even one with a good graphics card, probably won’t earn enough in a year to pay for the transaction fee of sending the earnings to your wallet.
If you’re interested in mining from home, your best bet is to get a good graphics card and try GPU mining a coin other than Bitcoin, something which is GPU-mineable. Here’s a list of suitable coins:

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