Bitcoin mining scam

Edward Searles asked 5 months ago

Hello I mined with a company called Bitcoin miner robot for months 24 hours a day 7 days a week and had mined a total of 2.3 BTC when I wanted to withdraw it seems the company vanished what can be done to recover funds if anything?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 5 months ago

Hi Edward,
Well, I see Bitcoin miner robot is an Android app… It may make you feel better to know that there’s no way you could have mined 2.3 BTC on a phone even if you left it running for 1000s of years. Bitcoin mining is today only done on specialised hardware which is many orders of magnitude faster than a phone. So you really didn’t lose anything, except some time and imaginary coins. I’m afraid there’s nothing which can be done, apart from reporting the app as a scam and downrating it. I’ve seen a lot of these “Bitcoin miners” in the Google store and they’re all necessarily scams, as phone mining is not possible for Bitcoin. I dunno what Google are doing allowing all this junk…
Anyway, check out – it simulates mining on a phone and is legit in the sense that it will pay you out in Electroneum tokens (which aren’t worth much as far as I know, but may increase in value if it gets popular). That’s the closest to phone mining which currently exists.

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