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Tony asked 11 months ago

I approched somebody for what appears to be a ‘Bitcoin professional’ for mining through a pool.
However, after signing up for Blockchain wallet, that person refered me to me to a gmail address [email protected]
Here’s the email
《Hello Tony,
Successfully linking to the remote hardware cloud miner will require your Blockchain wallet ID and Password.

You will be notified once the attempt to linkage is successful so you can change the password and start earning when you sign up.

Thank you for mining with us.
XmultiplierTeam24 》

What are the risks associated with this practice? Is it legit? Seems a scam to me

Thanks for your advice


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Tony,
There’s absolutely no good reason why a mining pool would need your wallet login details. There is a BAD reason of course – they want to steal all your coins once the wallet is funded!
All a pool needs from you is basic registration info like your email address and of course your oublic Bitcoin address, so they can pay you out your earnings. I would run a mile from this pool (if it’s even a real pool and not just some email scam) as it sounds extremely sketchy.

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