Is bitcon designed for everyday use

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Aki asked 3 years ago

Is bitcon designed for everyday use (to replace money) or is it designed to replace gold (value)? I\’m asking because the transfer fees prevent it from being used in everyday transactions

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Steven Hay answered 3 years ago

Hey Aki,
I would say it’s designed for both! However, as you rightly point out, the current high fees (which were jacked up by a deliberate spam attack, timed to coincide with slow blocks as “disloyal” miners switched to Bcash) do make it hard to use Bitcoin for lower value transactions.
Rest assured, the problem is well-known and solutions are in the pipeline. One thing you can do now to improve the situation is to use SegWit. This may require upgrading your wallet or creating a new one. However, it will certainly decrease your fees and, once enough people are using it, this will have a great effect across the entire network.
Another thing you can do right is to calculate your fees manually. If your wallet presents a “preview” of your transaction before you confirm it (as Electrum does), then you can take the byte size of your transaction and multiply by the suitable fee displayed here:
Finally, you can wait for Lightning Networks. These will allow instant microtransactions for extremely low or even free fees, with all the security of Bitcoin.

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