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devrawl asked 2 years ago

Are there any known issues with payments to faucethub or am i doing something wrong? I’ve entered the faucethub api code, it showed my balance over there so i guess this is a good thing. then i clicked make payments once at 18:00, once at 20:00 and then at 22:00 but the amount just keeps adding up in scheduled payment amount, without actually getting through.
So, what can i do? thanks :)

4 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

can you please send a support request via the faucet and make sure to include WP-admin credentials so I can take a deeper look. From what I’ve checked in the past it seems that anyone that needs to get paid from faucethub needs to have a faucethub account – so that might be the issue (i.e. you need to tell your faucet users to create Faucethub accounts for their addresses).

Dev Rawl answered 2 years ago

Hey, thanks but with the 1.5.2 update, it’s all working swell! :)

Alvin Aripin answered 1 year ago


Alvin Aripin answered 1 year ago


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