bitcoin core doesnt have enough space

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JEREMY TAN asked 1 year ago


I recently bought some bitcoin on coinbase, and transferred it to bitcoin core.
bitcoin core however doesnt have enough disk space and now cant function.

i would like to move those coins from bitcoin core to somewhere else.
how do i do it?


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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Jeremy,
The full blockchain does take up a lot of disk space, currently around 135 gigabytes and growing. I’d say the best way to deal with this if you’re running out of storage space is to use the Pruning feature. This removes old blocks to keep size down to a value you set. By setting a pruning value in your bitcoin.conf file, you can constrain the size of the chain to a specific value.
I believe if you set pruning mode and re-open Core, it should work properly. It may be necessary to make a little space the first time you run Core however – try running a disk cleanup or deleting some unecessary files if Core still won’t open.
This pruning command, when added to your bitcoin.conf, file will keep the max size to 550 megs:
The Bitcoin.conf file may have to be manually created in your Bitcoin data directory, if it isn’t already present. You can do this with any text editor – just create a new file and name it bitcoin.conf. The data directory also contains your Wallet.dat file.
You should be familiar with the data directory for purposes of making backups of your all-important wallet.dat file. If you haven’t already done so, please backup your wallet.dat securely before doing anything else.
For info on locating the Bitcoin data directory (it varies between operating systems), please check out:

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