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venurocky asked 2 years ago

@steven Hay Where do i find bitcoin ATM in USA?
You said buy bitcoin from is it safe and secure?
If it is secure what are other popular and safe websites that we can buy with cash?
Thanks in advance!

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hey venurocky,
The best way to find a Bitcoin ATM is via this cool map site: is safe and secure so long as you follow their instructions and exercise sensible precautions if doing a face-to-face trade. I think it’s good to meet your trading partner in a secured venue, like a bank lobby or even in a police station. Somewhere with cameras, access control, people, guards.
There aren’t really any websites which let you buy with cash because you can’t send cash through the net. The closest you’ll get to that is finding someone who’ll accept cash in the mail for Bitcoin – but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to mail cash in the USA and besides, this is an extremely risky method.
Best to stick with the Bitcoin ATMs and LocalBitcoins cash trades!

Steven Hay replied 2 years ago

Oh yes, is another way you can buy with cash. You order your coins on the site and then make a cash deposit at a certain bank, I’ve used it and I think it’s a good method, quick and safe.

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