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La Kantharao asked 2 years ago

Hey, thank you for the analysis. I’m from Malaysia and doing BTC exchange with Luno. example on 1/6/2017 the 1 BTC price is MYR 11188.00 (USD 2608.75). I just noticed with Coinbase the price somewhere nearly USD 2387.00 (MYR 10237.00). It’s huge difference in my country nearly MYR 900. So my questions is how much it charge to deposit money using my Malaysian country bank card to Coinbase it will took how many days to deposit. And also it took how many days and also charges to transfer my BTC from Coinbase to Luno. For my advantage Luno having account withdraw with my local banks so i no need to exchange currency again. From your experience, tell me this bitcoin arbitrage is profitable in my country ?

Reply me as soon as possible.

Thank You.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey La,
as you can see from this list Coinbase doesn’t support Malaysia so you won’t be able to buy or sell Bitcoins using it. Regarding fees I can’t really say since it differs from country to country and your country isn’t even on the list. For reference here is Coinbase’s fee structure.

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