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Caroline Song asked 1 year ago

what are the differences between digital bitbox, ledger nano s, trezor?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Caroline,
For in-depth reviews and comparison of the Trezor and Ledger Nano S, please see our hardware wallet review section and the relevant reviews for each wallet:
The Digital Bitbox I’ve never encountered and we haven’t reviewed. I suggest reading up on the Trezor and Nano S and then you’ll have enough info to compare these 2 well-known wallets to the Bitbox.
One thing I’ve noticed is that the Bitbox supports fewer altcoins (only Bitcoin and Ethereum). I also expect the Bitbox does not have splitting tools for forkcoins, which make it easy to claim forkcoins via a Trezor or Nano S.

eni di djuwokee replied 12 months ago

I hope you will soon review the Digital Bitbox as it seems it’s the only HW wallet not being hacked so far.
Is it the most secure wallet available?
Please let me know when you get the Bitbox in your hands!

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