bip38 de-cypted

mohammed ayyub asked 2 years ago

i have been on the website is in the process of being sold can you direct me to another site that can DE-crypt-ed my bip38 private key into a private key starting with a number 5 please.. the private key i have starts with a number 6 thank you.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Mohammed,
As far as I know, you will need your password to decrypt the address.
Anyway, you should use the site. Please see our guide to creating a paper wallet securely, as the same security procedures will apply to dealing with your privkey:

How to Create a 99.9% Secure Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Once booted to an offline machine in a Live OS, you may proceed to use the downloaded site to “Validate” your privkey. See here for further details:

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