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Stef asked 1 year ago

I am looking for bitcoin news sources that has its finger on the pulse of bitcoin market movements.

Most of the time I see the market move (sudden price changes) but cant find any explanations or theories as to why it is moving.

Owen replied 1 year ago

Hi Stef,

Ive also had the same issues with the sudden price jumps/crashes
but in many cases I have found some great new sites which once you start reading daily,and see all what is happening in the crpto world you can have a great perspective to what will happen and also why it happened,
I used to use coindesk but now using who have been uploading by far more articles than any other site I have come across

Hope the above helps with your learning process.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Stef,
Have you ever used the Trading View site for their Bitcoin charts? It’s a great, free site with endless charting options and extras, including a very active cryptocurrency chat box. As the site is frequented by traders, you can bet they’ll be sharing the latest news and rumours. You can check it out here (note that you’ll need an email to signup or you’ll get a nag screen after a while):
If you prefer something less frenetic, occasionally misleading and argumentative (they don’t call crypto chat boxes “troll boxes” for nothing) then you can check out the Bitcoin Markets subreddit, found at:
Finally, another option is the #bitcoin-pricetalk channel on the freenode IRC server. It’s all pricetalk all the time (except when it’s about altcoins and random nonsense).
There are certainly other channels for this type of discussion, but these are the ones I recommend.

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