best time to buy bitcoins

AJ Habib asked 1 year ago

I have been following your site for a long time. Actually, your articles got me interested in bitcoins. I bought 2 bitcoins in 2014. Now i am glad that i bought those. I just kept those as a retiement plan. Now the bitcoin price is skyrocketing!
now my question is when should i buy bicoin now? i mean when do you think the procie of bicoin should or may fall. Moroever, should i buy some other alternative to bitcoins like etherium? Your are a mentor to me. You answer will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
AJ Habib

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hello AJ and thanks so much for the compliments :)
I think this article about Bitcoin investments states my view about how and when to invest in Bitcoin.  I don’t know if the price will go up or down, no one does, but I personally believe it will. This is not investment advice of any sort, it’s just my own uneducated opinion.
Hope this helps!

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