Antiminer S9 can mine other SHA256 algo crypto currencies

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsAntiminer S9 can mine other SHA256 algo crypto currencies

Rohit asked 1 year ago

just want to find out if S9 Antiminer can mine NiceHash and Bitcoin Cash,DGB
with the same efficiency as Bitcoin, and will it be profitable to mine

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Rohit,
Well, it can mine Bcash as that uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin, SHA-256. I don’t think DGB is a good candidate for ASIC mining as it uses 4 other algos, 3 of which are ASIC-resistant.
NiceHash is a cloud-mining service that will let you rent out your ASIC’s hashpower. I’m not sure if that would be more profitable than mining the right SHA-256 coin but I’d guess not. I’m not sure it’s a legit service either.

rohit dhingra replied 1 year ago

Thanks Steven, just few more things
S9 mahine as 13 Th/s hashing power- for mining Bitcoin, so will it mine Bitcoin Cash with the same hashing power.

If I place an order today for the S9 machine, I will be getting it in January 2018 – do you think by then it is worth mining Bitcoin as i heard it is coming close to its 21 million mark and thereafter it will be dead, so just want to know if i can use these s9 machine to mine other currency for profit.

on coinwarz it is showing not a single currency is in profit to mine right now but i guess it depends on the mining power of the machine right or the game is over no more money in mining business.
or if you recommend any other machine like L3+ for mining litecoin
any other way of making money by mining these currencies.

your reply will be highly appreciated


Steven Hay replied 1 year ago

Oh yeah, and the economic efficiency between the various coins you can mine will vary, depending on their price and difficulty. Check out CoinWarz and sort by algo to see which is currently most profitable in the SHA-256 coins.

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