And is there a fee to go back-and-forth bitcoin

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersAnd is there a fee to go back-and-forth bitcoin

Michael asked 1 year ago

Once I’ve been bit coin wallet going to pay local people that don’t have nothing to do with bitcoin I need transferring back to dollars And is there a fee to go back-and-forth how to make bitcoin turn the gala so I can pay my plumber etc.


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Michael,
To convert Bitcoin into fiat money, you’ll have to sell it, either to a person, a Bitcoin ATM or through an exchange. There will be fees involved, yes. First a mining coin to send your Bitcoin to the buyer / ATM / exchange and then whatever fee is charged by the ATM / exchange and buyer (if you use some kind of escrow service to secure your trade with them). These fees are variable but should be fairly low.

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