address disabled

danny jeremiah asked 2 years ago

sir im trying to login in and fill the captcha but its saying  that my address is disables pls help me.

diansinggih replied 9 months ago

so how should i do if my addresses was disabled?i follow the rules my internet provider has a bad signal even i didnt use a vpn please kindly open my addresses again please i begging you on your knees mrs zsofia

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Danny,
Your address is disabled automatically if you break the faucet rules. The Faucet rules can be found here. Usually your address will be disabled automatically by the system if one of the rules are broken.

abo anas replied 1 year ago

Hi Zsofia,
I’m facing the same issue as Dina Zayed my address is disabled and i didn’t break any of the rules.

    Zsofia Elek replied 1 year ago

    Hi, in most of the cases our users are disabled because they are using a VPN which is not allowed. You can send us a message using this form: with your email and BTC address and we can check.

Dina Zayed replied 1 year ago

Hi Zsofia,
I’m also facing the same problem although I’m not breaking any of this rules, I think it’s issue!!!!

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