Acepting bitcoin for consultancy seervices

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Mark Shaw asked 1 year ago

hi guys… loving the info on your site and videos.. Im middle aged and a newbie to Bitcoin. It seems like I have to learn a whole new language..My question.. Is I am a small business consultant. I have a website. I want to take payment for my consultancy services. I am not a retailer, there may be say 5-10 payments a week. How would I go about a)promoting that I accept Bitcoin payments and 2) what bicoin wallet address do i give them.. Any help / advice would be great.. ps.. just gave you a nice plug on Twitter..

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the endorsement! Glad you find the site useful.
OK, so your Bitcoin address(es) will be generated by whichever Bitcoin wallet you choose to get. See our Wallet Reviews section up top for some help on picking one. We usually recommend that people avoid web-based wallets, as these have the lowest security. A personal wallet on your hard drive is usually best, smartphone wallets are OK but at greater risk of being stolen or lost. The most important aspect of any wallet is keeping a secure, accurate and tested backup of your private key or seed phrase.
Bitcoin Core is the best wallet if you have sufficient hard drive space (180 gigs, although this can be reduced via “pruning”) and a fast internet connection. If you don’t wish to download the entire blockchain, a light wallet like Electrum will be a better fit.
As for making it known that you accept Bitcoin… Well, I recommend that you first experiment with Bitcoin for a while until you’re comfortable with it. Get a wallet, buy a small test amount from an exchange, private person or Bitcoin ATM, transfer this to your wallet, use it to buy something, etc.
Once you’re more familiar with Bitcoin, you can add a suitable message to your website and / or your invoices. You could even send out an email notification to your clients, letting them know about your latest payment option. I recommend that you become acquainted with Bitcoin first, as your clients may well ask you questions about it. You’ll also need to understand the basics to accept and store payments safely.

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