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libertykingdom asked 1 year ago

Sir, I don’t understand what you mean by satoshi accumulated in your bitcoin address. Secondly, I actually think that whatever I make from your site will be deposited into my bitcon address. I check my account and I didn’t see any from you. What happen please?

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi LibertyKingdom,
The satoshis accumulated are those Bitcoins which you have managed to claim in the Faucet and any additional seniority bonuses. The payouts are sent once a week on Sundays, if your balance reached the 13000 satoshis payout threshold. You can check your balance on this page.
Please refer to the Faucet FAQ for any general questions. In case you have any specific question related to your account, probably it is best to send us a message using the contact form with the email of your account and BTC address you are using and we will take a look.

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