Account hack

msha msha124 asked 9 months ago

Hello my account in bitfinex was hacked and my btc was stoolen please help me to back my fund . i have withdrawal wallet and other discription thanks

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 9 months ago

Hello Msha,
I’m sorry to hear that! Unfortunately there’s very little I can personally do to help you. The major issue is that Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain are not reversible. Once your funds are moved from your Bitfinex address, there’s no way to reverse them. The other problem is that Bitcoin addresses aren’t linked to a person’s identity. There may be ways to make the link but if the hacker knew what they were doing, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to trace their identity.
I think your best hope here is to contact Bitfinex. If the hack occurred as a result of some flaw in their security, it’s possible they will refund the amount. However, if the fault was on your side, then I’m afraid there’s not much chance you’ll get any compensation.
I suggest that you figure out exactly how this hack occurred and take all necessary precautions in future.

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