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hesham asked 11 months ago

first of all thanks for your very good articles which is much informative , but i have question please
i have porn website which target arabic audience in middle east , i have like 300k daily visitors
and only 10% or less ad block traffic , i have 400k + sessions day with avg session is 5-7 minutes
if i implement web mining through coinhive or any 3rd party , how much avg i can earn monthly?
i have minimum of 1500 of live visitors and maximum of 5500-6000 , also i want to know the effect of that on my google rank since 55% of my traffic is organic


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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Hasham,
You’re very welcome, glad they’re helpful to you.
That’s a tough question as I’m not that familiar with webminers as to be able to calculate your expected profits. Much depends on the webminer’s intensity setting and also which webminer you use, as some take a large cut and others are free.
From the stats you gave, it sounds to me like it would be worth your time to investigate the matter further. I’m sure a lot has changed since I researched my article on webmining so I suspect my knowledge is probably out of date by now. I suspect if you asked this same question on the Monero subreddit, you might find people who could give you a more precise answer and point you towards the best miner to use and even the  best people to implement it in your site:

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