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kenny asked 11 months ago

Please what are the necessary software to install for security. thank you

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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hey Kenny,
your question is unclear. What type of business are you starting? What platform are you using? What security measures do you require?

kenny replied 11 months ago

buy & sell and store some. not mine. thank you

Ofir Beigel replied 11 months ago

What do you mean “go into Bitcoin and Altcoins”? Do you want to mine them? If so then that’s not possible with only your laptop today. Please read this post:

kenny replied 11 months ago

Thank you for your quick response earlier, I want to go into bitcoin and other altcoins. I’m planning to use my laptop. what security measure, do you think I need on my laptop. thank you.

Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

If you’re just looking to buy and sell here’s a video about all the security measures you’ll need:

Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday – Become a Bitcoin Safety Expert

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