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mcavoy27 asked 1 year ago

Hello Sir,
My name is Prudhvi. I am from India. I have been following all your guides and subscriptions on your website. I want to buy some crypto coins/altcoins as they are of low price now. I need your best advice on which coins should I buy and save it for future for their value. So, Please recommend me some coins to buy Sir. That will be helpful. Thank you for your help.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Prudhvi,
Well, I can’t really give financial advice as I’m not any kind of registered financial advisor. I wouldn’t want to be responsible if you buy a coin on my recommendation and it goes down… Similarly, if it goes up, I won’t profit from it either!
In my own portfolio, I own Bitcoin, Monero, Byteball and Vertcoin. I’m looking at getting RaiBlocks. I think these coins have interesting tech, sensible economic / mining incentives, fair distribution schemes and good development teams… although I haven’t studied RaiBlocks so I’m just assuming there…
These coins and the proportion in which I hold them (mostly Bitcoin) are pretty conservative and this isn’t necessarily the type of portfolio one would choose for high risk, aggressive growth. One might look at newer altcoins for a portfolio like that.

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