99bitcoin and Coinbase

Dietmar asked 4 months ago

Hi, maybe you can give me some explanation: First, why did you call your site \”99\”bitcoin? Second, what\’s going on Coinbase? A friend of mine is asked to verify continiously and the process doesn\’t go anywhere. Have you got a valid alternative to Coinbase? Kind Regards, Dietmar


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 4 months ago

Hi Dietmar,
You’d have to ask Ofir, the founder of the site, about the 99!
As for the Coinbase verification, I really couldn’t say. However, after the latest news about the Coinbase insider trading scandal and their lack of SegWit support (after pushing for scaling via dumb ways) I have been suggesting that people find alternatives to Coinbase. Gemini or Kraken or Bitstamp are all good exchanges with similar services.

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