$300 funds earn $4100 in 1 week

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Biboy asked 2 years ago

Hi, Im new to bitcoin mining. I have a bit confuse a few weeks. Someone post to a facebook group that he want to teach us to mine bitcoin, no need to do anything instead just to join his pool, he can have the mining hardware antminer s9. He said in order to earn for mining I just need have wallet address and and email addressto be connected, after connected I can recieve a message from antminer bot that I sucesfully connected, now the next step is to deposit minimum of $300 to the node address sent to me in order to activate my account for mining. What do you think? this is legit or scam?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Biboy,
Sounds very much like a scam to me. The chances are extremely high that you’ll pay $300 to this character and then never get any Bitcoin back from him. He’ll just disappear. I strongly advise you to stay away from offers like this. It would be far better for you just to buy $300 worth of Bitcoin and hold onto it until it rises significantly higher. It might take some time (months or even years) but that’s a much, much safer bet than sending money to a stranger and hoping he pays you back instead of robbing you.
See our Wallet Reviews section for help with choosing a wallet for storing your funds safely.

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