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Bitcoin News Summary – June 10, 2019

Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.

America’s Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against popular messaging app creator, Kik, for failing to register its recent “Kin” ICO as a securities sale. The SEC is seeking to impose a $100 million fine on the Canadian firm; about the same value of Kin sold. This case is likely to set precedent for ICOs which cater to Americans without SEC registration.

Portuguese premier league team, Benfica, is now selling tickets and merchandise for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the UTRUST token native to its payment processor. The team currently has around 14 million fans.

The updated Apple operating systems now support the Bitcoin “B” symbol in their SF Symbols app. Microsoft added support for the symbol in late May, for the latest versions of both Windows 10 and Excel.

Crypto exchange OKCoin has launched in the EU. Once one of China’s “Big 3” crypto exchanges, OKCoin’s new spot trading offerings cover euro pairs with Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash at launch, with more pairs planned. The firm said until September, euros can be deposited and withdrawn without any fee.

And finally, CoinShares Research published a report stating that at least 74% of the energy powering Bitcoin mining is from renewable sources. The report further states that hydroelectric power is the most common energy source and that around 60% of mining is occurring within China’s southwestern provinces during the current rainy season.

That’s what happened this week in Bitcoin. See you next week.  

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