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What is Bitcoin for Grandmas

Yesterday the first virtual Bitcoin expo ended. It was a pretty neat idea where people from all over the world convened in a virtual room and heard lectures from top Bitcoiners. I also attended this conference and gave a presentation about Bitcoin for beginners.

The beauty of this presentation is that you can give it to your grandma and she’ll probably understand what Bitcoin is. So here’s my talk, feel free to pass it around to whoever is asking about Bitcoin.

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  1. Kurah Bako Benedict

    There are challengyes faced as an African and a begginer in bit coins evolution. How do I earn legit bit coin through rendering of services and how do I get my earnings?

  2. Kurah Bako Benedict

    I developed interest in bit coin after a seminar I attended in the capital city of Abuja of Nigeria.
    As an economiCD and marketing enthusiast I find the bit coin interesting particularly to me as a young African that seek for faster and reliable means of exchange in a developed world and system.

  3. Great video. I have 1 request

    You recently did a video about Coinbase vs Circle.

    Could you also do one which examines the various bitcoin exchanges where you can buy higher amounts via bank transfer?

    Specifically looking at exchanges which have reputable board member (now that the Mt. Gox debacle has made people wary).


  4. David Rodriguez

    I’m very curios what will happen in 3-5 years from now with our regular currencies? Will they lose a lot of ground to digital ones? Will they become extinct and used in less than 10% of transactions? Will it take a lot more than 5 years for digital currencies to take over?

    1. I think we’re looking at a realllllyyy slow progress here. Fiat currencies are here for a long time, but they may start “borrowing” some of Bitcoin’s aspects. Meaning we’ll see a lot more forms of digital (and hopefully decentralized) payment

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