Bitcoin exchange BTC China is not charging trading fees until October 7th

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

It’s a temporary action, but one that woke up the curiosity of all Bitcoiners. BTC China decided to halt the charge of its trading commission fees, becoming the world’s first major cryptocurrency exchange to pull such a move.

Operating since the middle of 2011, the platform was currently charging 0.3 percent for all trades, before suddenly eliminating this fee. The promotion will run until October 7th, the Chinese National Day holiday.

BTC China’s CEO said that the company already delivered “an outstanding consumer experience”. However, “with this promotion, we will now also offer superb value. The future is bright for Bitcoin in China”, Bobby Lee told the website Coindesk.

This decision follows the platform’s goal to encourage the further adoption of Bitcoin in China, following an announcement made in July, when the exchange talked about halting all deposit fees. Lee added that BTC China believes the country “can become a healthy market for Bitcoin”, so they want to take this opportunity to cement their “position as the top exchange in China, and one of the top globally”.

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