Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Calculator Plugin for WordPress

Own a Bitcoin website hosted on WordPress? Now you can have your own Bitcoin and Ethereum mining calculators on it for free. We’ve just released our own plugin versions that we use on 99Bitcoins to the public. Here’s how to get a Bitcoin/Ethereum mining calculator on your website. Here’s an example of you Bitcoin mining calculator plugin:

Difficulty Factor
Hash Rate
BTC/USD Exchange Rate
BTC/Block Reward
Pool Fees %
Hardware Cost (USD)
Power (Watts)
Power Cost (USD/kWh)

1. Download the files

If you want to install the Bitcoin mining calculator download this file

If you want to install the Ethereum mining calculator download this file

2. Upload and activate the plugin

Go to “Plugins” -> “Add new” and click on “Upload plugin” on the top of the screen. Then just choose the zip file you downloaded in step 1. Once the plugin is uploaded make sure to activate it.

3. Add the shortcode for the calculator

If you installed the Bitcoin mining calculator plugin use [ btc-mining-calculator ] anywhere on the page to display your calculator. ***Please remove the whitespace between the brackets.***

If you installed the Ethereum mining calculator plugin use [ eth-mining-calculator ] anywhere on the page to display your calculator. ***Please remove the whitespace between the brackets.***

That’s it! The calculator is now live.

4. Set the plugin’s tooltips

The plugin will now show on the left side of your WordPress dashboard and you will be able to change it settings. However there’s no need to tamper with the “general” tab. On the “tooltip” tab you can add explanations for the different parameters the calculator needs. These explanations will then appear when the user hovers over the specific row with his mouse like this:

Bitcoin mining calculator plugin

You can remove the credit link to 99Bitcoins at the bottom using the “config” section of the plugin.

Both plugins are updated with the latest BTC / ETH prices once every hour. Price are taken from Coindesk’s API  and Alpha 61’s API. The difficulty is updated every hour as well and is derived from BitcoinWisdom’s API.

If you have any questions about the plugins feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. If you found these plugins helpful we’d appreciate if you can link to this page from your website and tell your readers about them. Thanks!

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