PR: Bitcoin Customers Accidentally Crash World's Largest Ecommerce Network

Last updated on October 13th, 2017 at 06:18 pm

A storm of customers Saturday morning inadvertently brought down the world’s largest ecommerce service network, Shopify, within minutes of GAWMiner’s release of The Hashlet.

GAWMiners, a world leading provider of computers that specialize in mining cryptocurrency like bitcoin, announced its highly anticipated new flagship product Friday night. Promising to change the world of cryptocurrency forever, The Hashlet release caused an avalanche of customers worldwide to flood GAW’s Shopify­hosted store the next morning, hoping to be first in line to order the revolutionary new cryptocurrency miner. The spike in Shopify’s traffic was so massive that it brought down its entire network of over 100,000 stores within minutes of GAW accepting first sales.

“We knew the response was going to be big, but we didn’t know just how big it’d get” said GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza. “We’ve been politely asked to give advance warning next time.”

Tweets began popping up within moments of the shutdown, “@GAWMiners just brought down the entire Shopify ecosystem. Impressive.”, “@shopify This is almost surely due to a massive influx of traffic to the @GAWMiners site. Natural DDoS.”

The official GAWMiners account also tweeted:

“We knew Hashlet would shake up our industry. We didn’t know it’d shake up the entire @Shopify Network. Sorry for bringing your stores down!!”

Shopify’s acted fast to the news, restoring service within an hour, but not before GAWMiners’ customers left their mark in cryptocurrency history as the first time the industry brought down the colossal Shopify network.


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I actually purchased a couple 1-MH/S Hashlets to see if I’ll actually get a return on the investment. So far it seems to be working ok. Only time will tell on if it remains to bring in the coin. :D