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Bitcoin Credit Cards, Bitcoin Satellites and More…

Bitcoin Credit Cards Are Now a Thing

Have you ever wanted a credit card linked to your Bitcoins? The idea certainly seems tantalizing enough, spend your Bitcoins on the go with nothing more than a swipe of a card. Bitcoin company Xapo is now making that dream come true. The company will offer a credit card that is linked to your Bitcoin balance. For $15 dollars you can get a  credit card that can be used at any store that accepts Mastercard. Given the thousands of businesses that accept Mastercard, spending with Bitcoin just got a whole lot easier.

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Is a Bitcoin Space Odyssey In The Making?

They always say that space is the final frontier. Well Bitcoin might be crossing that horizon sooner than most would have suspected. Companies Dunvegan Space Systems and Deep Space Industries Inc are claiming that they intend to send Bitcoins into space. Apparently they plan to launch “BitSats” into space that will act as a backup system for Bitcoins. The companies claim that the project will cost only $2 million dollars. I wouldn’t get your astronaut hopes too high, however, as this could very well be a publicity stunt.

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Iowa State University Computers Hacked to Mine Bitcoins

One of the most prominent ways that hackers are attempting to hack the Bitcoin system is through setting up mining programs on unsuspecting computers. Basically, a hacker will hack your computer and convert it into a Bitcoin mining rig without your consent. The hacker will then keep the mined Bitcoins for himself. Turns out that hackers breached Iowa State’s servers and installed mining software on them. So far, five servers have been found to be hacked. Officials are investigating the matter and working to shore up security measures.

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Bitcoins May Soon Be Coming To An Election Campaign Near You

The United States Federal Election Commission is currently considering whether Bitcoins can be used to make contributions to the up-coming mid-term elections. Last fall, the election commission decided against allowing Bitcoins to be used in campaigns in a dead-locked vote. Since Bitcoin contributions have not been explicitly outlawed, some campaigns have already been accepting Bitcoin donations. The libertarian party, for example, has already raised thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin donations. Regardless, if Bitcoin wins official recognition, it will be a major step forward for the currency.

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First Bitcoin conference held in Russia

The Russian government, if nothing else, is a fickle entity. NGOs and other organizations have long treaded lightly around the Russian government, never quite sure when they might draw unwanted attention. So you can’t blame Russia’s Bitcoin community from being a bit nervous while holding the country’s first Bitcoin conference. So far at least, the government has not responded and the conference went ahead as scheduled. Russia’s official stance, however, remains vague.

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