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Bitcoin Conference 2024: Goodbye to Miami, Say Hello to Nashville

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Bitcoin Nashville: the must-attend Bitcoin conference for crypto enthusiasts and BTC professionals. Hear from top industry leaders and more.

Bitcoin’s biggest conference, party, and networking event is moving from Miami after several years in the Sunshine State. Say goodbye to Miami, say hello to Bitcoin Nashville – which 99Bitcoins is proud to be sponsoring.

This massive event, set for July 25-27, 2024, will continue the drive toward global hyperbitcoinization.

David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, expressed optimism about Nashville’s potential for Bitcoin growth.

“We believe that Bitcoin Nashville possesses the ideal blend of freedom-loving mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that will enable Bitcoin to thrive,” said Bailey.

Bitcoin Nashville: A Crucial Gathering if You Invest in Crypto

With over 250 million media impressions from 275+ outlets, Bitcoin Nashville is the most talked-about Bitcoin event on the planet.

This year’s conference will feature erudite discussions from big names like Vivek Ramaswamy, Edward Snowden, Michael Saylor, comedian Dave Smith, and investigative journalist Whitney Webb, who brought the Epstein saga to light.

Bitcoin Nashville Organizers are partnering with local shops and eateries to streamline Bitcoin payments, aiming to cement Nashville’s status as a Bitcoin hotspot.

Hope you’re ready for that Tennesse BBQ.

The Biggest Networking Opportunity in Crypto

Here are some of the workshops to look forward to at this year’s BTC Conference:

  • Proof of Workshop: This stage will feature a variety of workshops, technical sessions, and demos, keeping out in front of BTC’s tech developments
  • Bitcoin Art Gallery is back, showcasing top-tier global Bitcoin art. It’s where tech meets creativity, featuring cutting-edge art, inscriptions, and interactive exhibits.
  • New for 2024: The Politics Stage replaces the Open Source Stage. BTC Inc. announced that Dennis Porter, CEO of Satoshi Action Fund, will grill politicians, lobbyists, and state regulators on their crypto stance.

“Convincing politicians and governments to respect our right to buy, spend, and self-custody Bitcoin is key. Bitcoin cannot remain permissionless unless we have their permission. I intend to get it,” said Dennis Porter.”

The Bottom Line: Pack Your Bags For Nashville 

The Bitcoin Conference is shaking things up by moving to Nashville, which promises to inject fresh energy into the community.

Expect a heady brew of thought leadership, tech insights, art, and policy debates in a city ready to embrace Bitcoin.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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