Bitcoin can now be used to buy gift cards online


Bitcoin has taken another step forward. Now, the digital currency can also be used to buy gift cards from the website Gyft. Why is this important? Because this means that Bitcoin has found another way of becoming real and be used in the real world.

Thanks to Kashmir Hill, the Forbes journalist  that survived a whole week only using Bitcoins and had a rough time doing it, we could see that is not easy to be a Bitcoin lover. So, the fact that Gyft is now accepting digital currency means a lot! Basically, Bitcoin users can turn their value into store credit and, more importantly, spend this credit in places they truly like.

The major problem with Bitcoin is that, although digital currency is great, it’s still confined to online shopping. Virtual currency still has a long way to go. It’s kind of like PayPal, which also had to work its way into the users preferences.

After Gyft, Bitcoin can only go up. Maybe, some day, in a near future, we’ll see ATM machines supplying Bitcoins in every corner, but there’s a lot to do until this day arrives.


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