Bitcoin and Iran still going strong: Poolfa is the new Persian website dedicated to cryptocurrency

If the creation of Coinava – the first Iranian BTC exchange – wasn’t enough to prove Bitcoin’s power in one of the most closed nations on the planet, maybe can do it. We are talking about the first Persian website dedicated to reporting news and stories specifically about Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Poolfa is not only a news website, but especially a virtual place that intends to educate the Iranian people on the possibilities of Bitcoin. Besides the information, it provides a Bitcoin and Litecoin P2 pool for the visitors.

The platform is also developing a Persian Bitcoin Wiki, where the team will gather all the basic information about digital currency. And then there’s the Bitcoin forum (run by, also created and managed by the Poolfa team.

But their work doesn’t stop here: the website’s administrators are translating the first Bitcoin publications and letters – like the original paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto – to Persian, maybe trying to arouse the interest of Iranians in the origins of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has already proven to be a valuable asset to Iranians, who keep suffering with high inflation and an oppressive government. People say that there’s no bigger treasure than knowledge, so Poolfa might become a really important tool.


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