Bit4coin allows you to offer cryptocurrency in the form of a gift card

You can get awesome gift cards with Bitcoin to offer this Christmas, that’s already a reality. But what present could be better for a crypto-newbie or an experienced Bitcoiner than… more digital currency?

The founders of the Amsterdam-based company Bit4coin, established in November, had that exact same thought, so the new platform is now offering you the chance of getting Bitcoin gift cards to put under your tree.

There are several reasons to go for this option instead of directly buying virtual currency, one of them being the lack of an exchange risk until the card is redeemed by the new owner. Besides, according to Bit4coin, the denomination in euros is also a feature that will help the newcomers better understand how the value of Bitcoin works.

We believe that by turning an abstract technology such as a virtual currency into a physical item like a gift voucher, we make Bitcoin much more accessible to new users.

Bit4coin’s founders

dffsfIf you’re interested in mixing these different gift cards with your other Christmas gifts, you can visit the company’s website and they will ship the card to your address. Later on, the recipient of the card can directly redeem it through the service’s website. So far, the $100 card is the best seller, but there are other options worth $25 and $50.

The two founders of Bit4coin – which already conquered the classification of silver member, given by the Bitcoin Foundation – recently surpassed the barrier of 500 sold gift cards. The company is currently focusing on Europe, mainly because it can only accept payments done through bank transfers, but their service intends to reach new markets in a near future.

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