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BetCoin Casino team launches new gaming website BetCoin Circle and prepares more news

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After recently launching its first gaming website, BetCoin Dice, the BetCoin Bitcoin Casino team is now preparing to release its new high-bet/high payout game, called BetCoin Circle, during the next weekend (17 and 18).

And there’s more. According to Peter Nolan, member of the BetCoin team, shortly thereafter it will be time for more news, as there are many more games in final stages of testing, which “will be deployed in the following weeks and months”. For now, this new website will be “a full 36-game HD casino suite that will be made public on our servers”.

If you still don’t know BetCoin Dice, the platform works similarly to SatoshiDice, which was recently sold. According to Peter Nolan, this new website “is the first million-dollar-grade flagship offering” developed by the BetCoin team.

“It’s a supercharged reinvented dice game featuring the highest instant Bitcoin payouts in the industry, the highest bets accepted and a low house interest”, he explains. BetCoin Dice allows players to win a lot of Bitcoins on a single bet, setting a new standard for online Bitcoin gambling. Players make their own choices, as they can bet as little as 0.01 BTC or as much as 888 BTC on a single bet, with the prize multiplier exceeding 64,000.

“There are 27 different games with different win odds, starting from 97.6563% and going all the way to 0.001% to suit any type of risk appetite. If this is not enough for a particularly demanding player, then special arrangements can be made by contacting our support team. We will manually increase the maximum bet size tenfold”, Nolan adds.

Like all the other games developed by BetCoin Bitcoin Casino, BetCoin Dice is “provably fair” by design to serve the most scrupulous gamblers: “this is achieved by allowing players to ensure that the gambling round outcome has been determined by a random secret key, by means of comparing the hash value of the secret key, which is published prior to the game, and the actual secret key that is published shortly after the game”. This way, the chances that the software is rigged are completely eliminated.

BetCoin Dice uses Bitcoin to achieve the highest gaming and transaction security, so there’s no need for an account or password. Besides, payouts are nearly instant with small transaction fees.

You can also “take advantage of our monthly public prize draws and new great games that are added on a regular basis. Players can register an anonymous email address to receive the latest updates, on our latest games coming online, and privacy tools designed to overcome any attempts to block access to the sites you wish to visit”. Thanks to BetCoin’s technology, you can play it anywhere, as long as you saved the list of the betting addresses.

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  1. Betcoin has a 1.88% house which is only a little (some .1%) better than S.DICE.

    Just-Dice is a much better site at only 1% house edge. You have to be a fool to gamble with such odds when there are better ones out there.

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