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Coinbase vs Btc-e vs BitStamp – Best Place to Buy Bitcoins

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best place to buy bitcoins

The upward Bitcoin trend is real and definitely here to stay. A lot of people all over the world are curious about this digital currency. If you are planning to invest in the bitcoin business and are curious as to what is the best place to buy Bitcoins, this article is for you.

Due to bitcoin’s popularity, more and more trading platforms are available for everyone to trade bitcoins online. However, this makes it hard for a newbie to choose which one is the best option. Good thing, there are specific exchanges that are putting everything they have in order to have a more efficient system. Today, the major exchanges are Coinbase, BTC-E, and BitStamp. To know which among them can offer you more advantages, read on and find out more. Still wondering what is the best place to buy bitcoins? Continue reading!

Best Place to Buy Bitcoins

Coinbase – The Facts You Need To Know:  $100 = $98.85 = 0.2213BTC

NOTE: Coinbase is NO longer the best please to buy bitcoin – It’s CoinMama (Highly remcommened). We will write about it later!

Established on June 20, 2012, Coinbase is a privately-run company based in San Francisco. Aside from offering mobile Bitcoin services, it offers web based services to its costumers. It is often dubbed as the PayPal of the Bitcoin Network because its users have to deal with the company instead of the network. When it comes to the fees, the company charges only 1 percent fee for every transfer, bitcoin to dollars and vice versa. Today, it has already raised over $31 million from different important investors. Keep in mind that Coinbase is available for US residents only.

The Truth About BTC-E $100 = $98.8 = 0.2283BTC


BTC-E is another popular service provider in the Bitcoin network. Established on July 17. 2011, is a Europe-based company. The exchange rate of Bitcoins is less expensive at BTC-E. It is a worldwide service that charges 1 percent fee for every wire transfer. For every transaction carried out by its users, the company charges 0.2 percent fee. It usually takes 7 to 10 days for the sign up and verification, however, the trade is usually executed immediately.

How About BitStamp? $100 = $84.575 = 0.1902BTC


Born in 2011, BitStamp is a UK-based service provider. Compared to BTC-E, the exchange rates at BitStamp are usually more expensive. It is a worldwide exchange that accepts different payment forms, including international wire transfer, EU Bank, AstroPay, and Ripple. It is considered as the oldest trading platform in the Bitcoin business. Depending on the amount of your transaction, the trading fees usually range between 0.2 percent and 0.5 percent.

Now, Who’s The Winner?

For more convenience and security, Coinbase is considered the best choice and best place to buy bitcoins. If you want to open a Bitcoin account, you can rely on this particular service provider. As a company, Coinbase offers state-of-the-art technology to offer you peace of mind. Just like any other exchanges, you need to entrust your security keys to the company. It is considered a safe Bitcoin service provider because it complies with federal and state regulations, aside from the fact that it relies on the support of many important investors. Being the best place to buy Bitcoins, it allows you to invest small amounts.

Since it has become a current trend in the virtual world nowadays, Bitcoin has the power of becoming a great force in the financial industry. By choosing the best exchange or bitcoin wallet, you will be able to get the best out of this money-making opportunity. By relying on the best place to buy Bitcoins or exchange bitcoins online you will have the chance to make great amount of money online.

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